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Construction Planning




Fully detailed and coordinated construction plans, specifications, contract requirements, bid forms and cost opinions ensure that a project can be put out to bid in a way that is clear to contractors and you. The results are bids that are competitive and based on a clear understanding of the quality and workmanship that is expected.

During construction, the supporting documents set the formats for bidding, contractor pay requests, standard work procedures and considerations that are specific to cemeteries.


Compensation for construction planning is expressed in a lump sum fee, based on acreage or a percentage of the estimated project value.


A representative of Grever & Ward will follow the construction through to completion by periodically monitoring the progress of a contractor and the quality of the completed work. As a part of this service, guidance will be offered in the selection of a contractor, the preparation of contract documents and the monitoring of completed work/payment requests by the contractor.


Compensation for this service is on a time and expense basis with an estimated maximum cost per site visit.



Where a local professional is required or would facilitate the approval of a project by reviewing agencies, Grever & Ward will assist in locating and then collaborating with those offices.

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