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Cremation Garden Planning


Cremation gardens are now an essential interment facility in North American cemeteries. The relatively small site requirements and physical flexibility of cremation allows great variety in design and marketing. The economic value of a well-designed garden can be many times greater than a traditional burial section, while the service and maintenance costs are lower.


The keys to the success of a new cremation garden include a prominent, highly visible location, a variety of options and appropriate pricing of products and services. Because cremation gardens are a relatively new cemetery offering, it is best to offer choices in modest quantities in order to interpret the market for each. At the same time, the garden should always be guided by a "master plan" that gives it a theme and allows for seamless expansions. Adjustments can still be made to specific options, based on sales performance.

Cremation garden plans can provide a selection of ground burial plots with flush memorials, small monuments and architectural options such as private or community columbaria, niche walls and cremorial benches.

The large-scale (1"=8' to 1"=5' typical) cremation garden plans provide full detail including all plots with dimensions and a numbering system, memorial locations, paths and general landscaping. Final plans are in AutoCAD format for maximum accuracy and flexibility.

Compensation for cremation garden planning is based on a unit cost per space provided by the plan.

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