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Lawn Crypt Gardens


Lawn crypts offer a distinct alternative for interment and memorialization. Recognizing that lawn crypt sections usually involve higher initial development costs, it is critical to provide a finished garden that achieves the highest value product.

Through detailed coordinated design, Grever & Ward ensures that the completed garden will provide a prominent “high end” choice for ground burial. Construction plans and specifications guarantee that earthwork, crypt setting, drainage and landscaping function as a whole and produce an exclusive, attractive garden environment. Bidding documents and specifications provide a known set of conditions and expectations that will allow the best bids and finished product.

While lawn crypts have traditionally been associated with lawn-level flush memorials, we feel it is important to consider alternatives such as appropriately scaled upright memorials. In areas where traditions favor monuments, these options can add to the success of the garden.

Compensation for lawn crypt garden planning is based on a lump sum fee.


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