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Section Planning and Layout



Grever & Ward provides highly experienced design services to prepare modern burial sections for both monumented and non-monumented areas, or combinations of both. More than 50,000 graves are planned annually. The section designs are based on contemporary needs for operational and maintenance economy. These fundamental mechanics are blended with an attractive landscape and products tailored to your known market. Given the current preferences in your community, Grever & Ward will prepare highly functional, attractive and salable burial section plans.


The plans are prepared at a large scale (1"=20' or 1"=10'), showing all lot lines, grave divisions, essential dimensions, a lot numbering (reference) system, monument locations, and other details that relate to paths, features and landscaping.


Final plans are prepared in digital AutoCAD computer format for maximum accuracy and flexibility. These digital plans are also compatible for use in most cemetery mapping software applications.


Compensation for section planning is based on a unit price per grave.


Every burial lot must be laid out and identified on the surface of the ground. This is normally done with a numbered metal marker system. The markers are accurately laid out using transit and steel tape at all corners of the burial lots as they appear on the plan. This completes the identification system so that each burial can be correctly interred in the proper grave. The burial can then be recorded with assurance.

Within the Eastern United States, Grever & Ward provides the field layout services necessary to implement the lots shown on the plans and then installs the metal corner markers. We will either furnish the markers as a part of the service, or arrange for the client to purchase them. At the conclusion of the layout, final sales maps can be provided as an additional service at any scale and sheet size desired by the client at modest additional cost. These sales maps show all the detail of layout including individual grave identification within each lot and locations of all markers as set in the field. Digital PDF files of the completed maps are available upon request.

Compensation is based on a unit price per grave, with or without markers and with or without sales maps furnished.

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