Grever & Ward Landscape

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Special Features and Landscape Design


Special area features for sections and entrances create a statement of identity for a cemetery. For religious cemeteries, the provision of specialized theme sections, quiet reflective spaces and entrance statements are critical to expressing the cemetery's mission.



The landscape architects of Grever & Ward are highly qualified to prepare low-maintenance, attractive planting plans for general cemetery development or for burial sections. We utilize plants that have ideal characteristics for cemetery usage, and prepare plans and specifications that can be used by either the client or a selected contractor to order plants, prepare the soil and install the landscaping. All plants are carefully selected for local hardiness, natural controlled growth and foliar/flower appeal. The plans include complete detail and specifications to allow competitive bidding among contractors.

Compensation for planting plans is either on an acreage or cost per interment basis or on a time and expense basis.

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