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Green/Natural Burial

True green burial grounds are certified by the Green Burial Council with adherence to their standards. A less restrictive certification as “hybrid” burial grounds is a compromise chosen by many established cemeteries. This option includes requirements for burial participation by families, embalming and burial container restrictions, an operation and maintenance manual and an endowment fund. Whether certified or not, many cemeteries are meeting the public’s requests for interment areas that have a natural setting and minimal disturbance.

While green/natural burial sites can promote your cemetery’s stewardship and build positive community relations, the less structured nature of these areas requires thoughtful planning. Accurate locational records, operational provisions, landscape care and visitation considerations all require thoughtful planning.

Grever & Ward will assist you in establishing the most appropriate site location, landscape character, lot layout and sales mapping for green/natural sections. Whether the section is in meadow, wooded or groundcover condition, the most practical, cost-effective and attractive choices are critical in the design of the section. These planning decisions will be the cornerstones of your section’s success.

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