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Master Planning

All development projects should begin with an overall plan. Except for very small sites, most cemeteries are developed in phases that must be coordinated over a long period of time, guided through a master plan. This assures that there will always be continuity between the individual phases that may take several generations to complete.

Grever & Ward’s unique background qualifies us to provide counsel and “a course of action” in nearly all issues related to the planning and development of new cemeteries or expansions to existing cemeteries. These issues include site selection, site interpretation and statistical analysis.

Compensation for site evaluation services is on a time and expense basis; estimates upon request.

Grever & Ward prepares long-range plans with complete attention to functional roads, drainage, earthwork, water supply, landscape schemes, supporting facilities (i.e. office, maintenance center, mausoleum). All designs emphasize economical development, operation and low maintenance.

Future site development costs are projected and expressed in a cost per acre and cost per interment. This is done to provide general budgeting tools, to establish adequate development funds and to help determine realistic pricing for products.

Summaries are provided for all property land uses, and projections are made of total interment capacities for the entire planning site, as well as for individual expansions. Recommendations are made for specific interment options and locations based on each area’s physical makeup and the cemetery’s known market.

“Start to finish” comprehensive master planning conserves resources at a time when development is becoming more complex and expensive. These assurances on future quality, function, yields and costs are more important now than ever.

Compensation for master planning is normally on an acreage basis, lump sum fee quotation.

  • Resurrection Cemetery, Staten Island, NY

  • Holy Family Catholic Cemetery, Milton, Ontario

  • Holy Family Catholic Cemetery, Milton, Ontario

  • Town of Milton Cemetery, Ontario

  • New Russia Township Cemetery, Oberlin, OH

  • New Russia Township Cemetery, Oberlin, OH

  • New Cemetery, Waxhaw, NC

  • Moses Lake, WA

  • Cemetery of the Highlands, Chesapeake Highlands, MD

  • Saints Peter & Paul Cemetery, Marple, PA


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