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Space Recovery Services

Many cemeteries have older sections that are long developed but have large plots that are unsold or unused. In some, all lots are sold but they include wide alleys, paths or roads that are not needed for access. Depending on local regulations, it is often possible to inventory and accurately measure these unused areas and design functional, attractive new lots for those sites that meet the current market needs. The new lots can then be laid out in the field with lot corner markers that are clearly referenced and easily found in all seasons. Large-scale sales maps are then prepared to offer these new lots for sale to the public.

Site Evaluation and Recommendations

Because the supporting infrastructure (roads, drainage structures, water systems, lawns and landscaping) are already present, the development costs are minimized. Development expenses to revenue ratios are typically 1 : 30 because of this unique “pre-developed” situation.

Older parts of a cemetery are often the most beautiful, due to the mature landscape and more elaborate memorial art. The public is often attracted to these areas because of these qualities as well as to the heritage and proximity to family. They may assume that lots are not available, but through development and promotion, those perceptions change.

There are several advantages to adding new interment space in older sections.

This Space Recovery service offers new life in older areas and new choices for lot owners. Grever & Ward offers complete space recovery services for individual sections or multiple sections over time with an annual target number of new interment sites.

Compensation for space recovery is based on cost per grave provided, progressively invoiced as each stage of the service is completed.

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