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About Grever & Ward: Cemetery Planning and Design

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Grever & Ward has served cemeteries continuously and completely since 1939 through three generations of landscape architects. More than 4,000 cemeteries throughout the United States and Canada have used our services.

We continue to serve our very first client.

Our personnel are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of cemetery planning and site development. We have the capability to do whatever is necessary to convert cemetery land to attractive, usable and salable interment space.

As part of our ongoing dedication to cemeteries, we maintain permanent electronic or hard copy records of our work that can be retrieved and reproduced at any time.

No cemetery is too small or too large for us to serve. Our fees are directly related to the amount of service rendered; our dedication to each client is the same regardless of size. We believe that every cemetery is essential to the community it serves and must have the ability to meet the needs of the public throughout generations.

Distance to the site is no factor. We provide personalized service to cemeteries throughout the United States and Canada from our Western New York location.

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